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«Don't extradite the Basques»

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Diga não à extradição de dois refugiados políticos bascos no Norte da Irlanda - Iñaki de Juana e Arturo 'Beñat' Villanueva - para o Estado espanhol. Está a decorrer uma campanha de recolha de assinaturas.

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Iñaki de Juana Chaos:


Don’t Extradite The Basques – Sign Our Petition Here

Building Support

The campaign group aims to build awareness about the legal and political implications of these cases and build support among the local community for the rights of Iñaki de Juana and Arturo ‘Beñat’ Villanueva. To this end we are approaching political parties, trade unions, community groups, human rights organisations and more.

Through this website, leaflets, articles, public meetings and more, we aim to spread the information about the details and context of these cases.


There is an urgent need to rapidly build awareness and support. This is because the Belfast judge has already ruled against Iñaki de Juana and the date for his appeal hearing is June 29. The nature of both European Arrest Warrants mean they have to be dealt with very quickly.

The campaign is also urgent because these two men face possible long prison sentences and the risk of torture if the extradition attempts are successful.

What You Can Do

Here are 10 easy ways to help the campaign to stop the extraditions:

1) Sign the petition

2) Join the campaign group – Email:

3) Get your trade union or student union to support the petition

4) Make a donation to help the campaign

5) Protest to the Spanish Embassy in Dublin

Write to: The Spanish Embassy, 17a Merlyn Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Phone: 01 283 9900/01 269 1640
Fax: 01 269 1854

6) Write a letter to the newspapers

7) Get this information out through your networks of family, friends and colleagues

8 ) Sign up to the email network to stay informed about the campaign

9) Register with the campaign on Facebook and/or Twitter

10) Take part in the upcoming events