sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2009

Israel, Estado Terrorista

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"He insists that he not be identified in any way. Yotam is not his real name. During Operation Cast Lead, Yotam, served as a battalion commander of a combat unit. He had intended to leave for England in the late spring for post-doctoral studies at a well-regarded British university. But now he's scared. During the war, his face was shown on European TV and he says that he has heard "from people I know on the far left in Israel who are cooperating with left-wing, anti-Zionist activists in England" that he could wind up being the target of an investigation against him on suspicion that he committed war crimes in Gaza." Oh, you are scared, o Israeli terrorist? Are you having nightmares about the animal that you may have killed? Do you want a bucket of tears? Would you like a blender as a reward for your murder of Palestinian children?

Via The Angry Arab

Os comentários do Angry Arab dizem tudo. O terrorista teme agora ser investigado pelos crimes que cometeu, pelo genocídio que ajudou a perpetrar contra a população Palestina, contra as centenas de crianças Palestinas massacradas na última "guerra". Tamanha assimetria que chamar de "guerra" é quase uma ofensa.