sábado, 2 de maio de 2009

Judeus contra o Genocídio de Israel

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Bom ver iniciativas pró-boicote e anti-Genocídio contra o Estado de Israel vindo de grupos Judeus e de Judeus pelo mundo. Mais que legitima o movimento mundial contra o massacre de Palestinos.

"The second reason boycotts are more effective is the visible role of Jewish human rights advocates, making it harder for Israel to argue that these actions are anti-Semitic. For example, British architect Abe Hayeem, an Iraqi Jew, describes in a passionate column in The Guardian exactly how Leviev tramples on Palestinian rights, and warns Israeli architects involved in settlements that they will be held to account by their international peers. In the United States, Jewish Voice for Peace has led an ongoing campaign to stop Caterpillar from selling bulldozers to Israel, which militarizes them and uses them in home demolitions and building the separation wall."

Via The Angry Arab!