sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

Bil'in Weekly Protest - This is Zionism/ Isso é Sionismo

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Two injured and dozens suffered teargas inhalation in Bil’in protest

Thousands of people from all over the West Bank arrived this morning to the village of Bil'in to participate in the festival of resistance against settlements which was organized by the popular campaign of resistance against the wall and settlements, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The crowd yelled slogans that reflected the rejection of occupation and settlements, like: " Obama, Look at Palestine after forty-two years of occupation, settlements and the wall". People were carrying 1000 Palestinian flags.

The festival started with a massive march from the center of the village towards the wall. Only meters away from the wall the festival started with the singing of the Palestinian national anthem and a minute of silence for the martyrs. The host of the festival Abdullah Abu Rahma welcomed everyone and thanked the committees for the selection of Bil'in for the beginning of the resistance against settlements campaign.

Mr. Rafiq Al-Mara'abe Coordinator of the Popular Committees Against the Wall in the area of Qalqilia spoke on behalf of the Popular Committees. He called upon people to close ranks in the face of the enemy, stressing the need that the Palestinian government continues to support the affected areas that are threatened by settlements and the construction of the wall. His speech contained a message to Obama: there cannot be peace in the region with the presence of Israeli settlements.

The Minister of Agriculture Dr. Ismail Deiq was speaking on behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad. He expressed the government’s continuing support of the steadfastness and resilience of the people, that remain to hold on to their land. He stressed that the settlement issue is not negotiable and that his ministry will work hard to resist the settlement policy.

Mr. Jamal Juma, also spoke on behalf of the Popular Campaign, he expressed the need to continue the popular resistance against the construction of the wall and settlements. He felt it must promote a culture of resisting the Zionist entity.

At the end of the festival clashes erupted when Israeli soldiers showered the people with teargas, causing dozens to suffer from suffocation. Israeli soldiers also shot rubber-coated metal bullets, wounding three. Among the wounded was Osama Abdul Hameed Abu Rahma (14 years) who was hit in his head with live ammunition. He was moved to a hospital in Ramallah and was admitted in the intensive care unit

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