sábado, 20 de junho de 2009

Bil'in Weekly Protest- This is Zionism!

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One injured in a completely different demonstration

This Friday 19th of June 2009 in Bilin Weekly Protest

Demonstration was different from these of the last months

Bilin – Palestine. There, we had the first surprise. The IOF were hiding behind the concrete walls and non of the soldiers were seen only the jeeps. Demonstrators didn’t shower with tear gas as every past Fridays. When few activists opened the external gate fortified with barbed wire, still nothing. Not even when some approached the electronic fence and put there on fire a used car tier.

After 20 – 30 minutes a troop of The IOF started to appear and through tear gas at the demonstrators. Few times, the border police unit came running and throw some tear gas canisters that did not deter the stone throwers. The IOF fired tear gas some grenades. After a long while, when demonstrators and photographers started to return to the village the tear gas machine gun shoot a barrage of tear gas, which to injury of Rani Burnat. Form the village and dozens affected by the inhalation of the tear gas. In a call to nilin popular committee that “they said, the same way the IOF Treated them in the weekly protest of Nilin against the apartheid wall.”

The Demonstration started as usual after the Friday pray finished were Palestinians, internationals and Israelis joint together and marched into the demo. Demonstrators marched into the village streets.

For more information please contact:

Abdullah Abu Rahma

The coordinator of the local committee to resist the Wall and settlements

0547258210 or 0599107069