sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2009

Resultados das eleições em Aceh (Indonésia)

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Continuando a cobertura das eleições em Aceh (infelizmente não encontrei ainda nada sobre Papua Ocidental), como mostrei aqui, aqui e aqui, o partido nacionalista, Partai Aceh (PA, Partido Aceh), venceu com maioria folgada, conseguindo 33 das 69 cadeiras do Parlamento Regional, com 46.93% dos votos e 1,007,173 milhões de votos (de 2,146,141 eleitores).

The final results, which were announced by the Aceh Independent Election Commission, or KIP, after it finished counting votes from the province’s 23 districts and municipalities, showed the Aceh Party had secured 33 of the 69 seats in the provincial council.

From a total of 2,146,141 valid ballots, the Aceh Party received 1,007,173 votes, or 46.93 percent. Trailing in a distant second was the Democratic Party of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which had 232,728 votes, or 10.84 percent, followed by Golkar Party with 142,411 votes, or 6.64 percent. The National Mandate Party, or PAN, finished fourth with 93,060 votes, or 3.87 percent, while the Prosperous Justice Party, or PKS, received 81,529 votes, or 3.80 percent.

Resultado final:

Partai Aceh ou PA (Partido Aceh, regional e nacionalista): 46.93% (superando as projeções iniciais de 43%)
Partido Democrático (do primeiro Ministro Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono): 10.84% (abaixo dos 14% esperados)
Partido Golkar (partido de apoio de Suharto): 6.64%
Partido da Justiça e Prosperidade ou PKS (Islâmico): 3.80% (invertendo a maioria que tinha nas prévias em relação ao PAN)
Partido do Mandato Nacional ou PAN (antigo membro da base de Sukarnoputri): 3.87%

While it scored an overwhelming victory, the Aceh Party’s own projections showed it gaining more votes. Aceh Party spokesman Adnan Beuransyah had earlier estimated that his party would clinch 36 seats in the provincial legislative council.

“After the counting was completed, the Aceh Party apparently received fewer votes than other parties in several electoral areas,” Adnan said.

The Democratic Party secured 10 seats in the provincial council, Golkar eight, PAN five, PKS four and the United Development Party, or PPP, three.

Os líderes do Partai Aceh acreditavam que teriam maioria, 36 assentos. Infelizmente não conseguiram a maioria necessária.

PA: 33 cadeiras
Partido Democrático: 10
Golkar: 8
PAN: 5
PKS: 4
PPP: 3

The remaining seats were split between the Aceh Mandate Party, or PDA, another local party, and several national parties.
Somente dois partidos regionais conseguiram lugar na nova Assembléia REgional mas, ao menos, um deles conseguiu a maioria.

Six local parties competed with 37 national parties in the elections in the province, although only two of the local parties managed to get seats in the legislature — the Aceh Party and the Aceh Mandate Party.

The Aceh Party, founded by former GAM guerrillas, secured most of its support in former strongholds of the group, in the north and east of the province.

A member of KIP, Akmal Abzal, said that his commission would hold another plenary meeting before May 17, after the completion of the vote count from Aceh for the House of Representatives in Jakarta by the General Elections Commission, or KPU.