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Bil'in Weekly Protest - This is Zionism! [Update]

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A week of continues resistance in Bilin

Invasions, Arrests, Court case in Canada, Press Conference and The Friday Demonstration.

Bilin – Palestine – Friday, June 26, 2009 – People of Bilin companied by internationals and Israelis marched into the weekly protest of bilin on Friday which took place for the past four years against the Israeli apartheid wall that built on the land of bilin and the land of Palestine.

As soon as the demonstrators reached the gate of the separation barrier the IOF troops started to fire the demonstrators with tear gas canisters and rubber coated bullets. Dozens of protesters affected by the inhalation of the tear gas

Mean while a press release was conducted by Bilin popular committee in cooperation with Alhaq organization and the Canadian Journalist and writer Naomi Clain, who is writing a book about Bilin and struggle and the historic court case in Canada.

Bassel Mansour from Bilin popular committee gave a brief background about Bilin village and its struggle and the importance of the court case. Wissam Ahmad from Alhaq talked about the cooperation between Bilin and his organization and the international law and how we can suet these companies who are building the settlement on the land of Bilin and the legal procedures for this case.

Naomi Clain the Canadian writer and journalist who will write a new book about Bilin and its popular struggle and its historic court case against the Canadian companies in Canada calls for boycott of Israel.

Last Monday June 22, 2009 the trail of the court in Canada had been started in Quebec against the two Canadian companies (Green Park and Green Mount) the first session of the trail took place till last Thursday. Representatives of Bilin Popular committee and Bilin village are attending these trails.

A delegation from war on want in the UK visited the village of Bilin and participated in the weekly protest. They had a meeting with members of Bilin popular committee against the wall and they listened to a complete clarification about the situation in Bilin and the struggle of Bilin.

Last Sunday night, June 26, 2009 the Israeli army invaded the village of Bilin after midnight and arrested two children Khaleel Ibraheem 15 years old and Kamel Alkhateeb 15 years old. As well the army invaded the village and on Wednesday night and arrested Mohammad Khaleel Abo Rahameh and Mu'tasem Alkhateeb.

Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) made a small celebration in village last Thursday morning were the PRCS cars drove into the village and they also distribute certificate to the family of the Martyr Bassem Abo Rahmeh was killed two months ago on the land of the village during the Friday protest as they gave another to Rani Burnat who was inquired 9 years ago.

For more information:
Abdallah Abu Rahmah- Bil’in Popular Committee
054-725-8210 or 059-910-7069
E-mail – lumalayan@yahoo.com


Vale à pena ler a reportagem da Electronic Intifada sobre a tortura em Israel.


Bi'lin Invaded by Israeli Soldiers.

by Bil’in popular committee

At around 2:30am two groups of around 35 soldiers (70 total) descended on the village of Bi’lin. They raided several houses, detained their inhabitants, and searched the inside of the houses.

When members of the ISM and the Popular Committee of Bi’lin confronted the soldiers, they called all of Bi’lin a closed military zone and threatened to arrest anyone out of their house or anyone on top of a house taking pictures. In the course of these house raids, they kidnapped a 16 year old boy (Mohsen Kateb) from his house and took him away into the night. And they kidnapped a 16 year old boy (Hamoda Yaseen)from his house and took him away into the night. Haitham al-Katib, a respected Palestinian activist in Bi’lin was video taping the raids when soldiers aggressively pushed him against a wall and threatened him with arrest.

Two members of the ISM intervened on his behalf and were able to wrest him out of the grasp of the soldiers. They then raided the house of Iyad Burant, the head of the popular committee, and threatened his 9 year old son (Abdal kalik) with physical harm if he didn’t produce a camera he was holding. After several people including 2 internationals intervened by blocking the soldiers path, they were also threatened with arrest and were pushed by the soldiers. After repeated efforts, the soldiers gave up and left that particular house.

This raid follows on the heels of others that have happened almost every night for 2 weeks. Today’s arrest now brings the total to seven people, who have been arrested and taken away since the onset of the raids. Bi’lin currently is facing the loss of sixty percent of its farmland due to the construction of the apartheid wall and the illegal settlements that have followed in the wake of the wall.