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Bil'in Weekly Protest - This is Zionism

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Two injured and Dozens Suffered Teargas Inhalation during the Bil'in Weekly Protest

Friday, 2 \ 10 \ 2009

Two were injured and dozens suffered teargas inhalation fired at them by the Israeli occupation soldiers during the suppression of the weekly demonstration in Bil'in, where the Israeli soldiers heavily used tear gas and sound bombs, The two wounded were British solidarity; Judy who suffers from physical disability and in a wheelchair, while the second is the Israeli Elinor.

The demonstration has started after a call from the Popular Committee against the Wall, after the Friday's prayers, with a participation of international and Israeli peace movements, as they have raised Palestinian flag, and banners condemning the policy of occupation, building the wall and settlements, the closure of roads, checkpoints and daily arrests, raids and incursions. Some banners were glorifying the ninth anniversary of the second Intifada. Though a delegation from the French-Palestinian Solidarity Association has participated in the demonstration, where they have listened to a full explanation of the Popular Committee Against the Wall on the of Bil'in, because of building the wall and the daily arrests against its citizens.

The Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists transmitted their message of resistance to the Israeli occupation forces awaiting them on the other side of the Apartheid Wall. A French delegation, including the Mayor of the city of Kaysersberg, France, came to Bil'in today to participate in this weekly resistance activity, and to learn more about the resistance struggle in this area.

Although a delegation from the Union of Palestinian farmers joined them in the visit, , as well as comrades Khaled Mansour, a member of the Political Bureau of the People's Party and coordinator of the People's Campaign in Nablus area and a delegation of members of the Central Committee of the Palestinian People's Party,Reziq Abu Naser Sabri Arrar and Bakr Hammad, where they have listened to what Bilin is facing such as night raids, incursions and arrests against activists to dissuade them from continuing their struggle against the construction of the wall and settlements, the delegation has promised to facilitate support groups for people of Bil'in on a weekly basis to maintain this form of struggle

The demonstrators walked through the village, chanting the national slogans against the occupation policy. Once the demonstrators have approached the gate at the barrier; which was shut down by the Israeli soldiers, the Israeli soldiers started firing the demonstrators, while they were hiding behind concrete blocks, with gas bombs, causing tens of cases of suffocation.

On the other hand, the Israeli forces, arrested yesterday a member of the popular committee, Mr. Basel Mansour 32 years

on the other hand the Center for Middle East democracy and nonviolence and in cooperation with the Al Hadaf cultural center in Bil’in has conducted an afternoon seminar entitled "Human Security and Non-Violence," where Mr. Saber Rabi on conflict resolution and democracy, Mr. Abdullah Abu Rahma has talked about the experience of the struggle in Bil'in village and what they are facing such as incursions and arrests against the activists, and Ms. Khitam Safeen has talked about the Palestinian women role within the Palestinian community.

For more information, please contact:

Abdullah Abu Rahama- the popular committee against the wall coordinator\ Bil'in

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