sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2009

Bil'in Weekly Protest - This is Zionism

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Bil'in citizens have gathered remnants of tear gas fired at 
them by the Israeli soldiers to suppress instead of gathering the olive

Dozens were suffocated at the weekly demonstration in Bil’in
Friday, 9 \ 10 \ 2009

Dozens were suffocated with tear gas used by the Israeli soldiers to suppress the peaceful demonstration in Bil’in village.

Bil'in citizens and a group of international and Israeli peace activists have participated in a demonstration after Friday prayers, as they were waving Palestinian flags and banners condemning the attack on Jerusalem and religious places. Although they have walked in the village streets, chanting national slogans condemning the policy of occupation and the Judaization polices against holy sites, and then the demonstrators headed towards the land located behind the wall to harvest the olive trees there, as they have carried with them olive bags and containers in addition to sticks and ladders, but the Israeli army, who were laying behind the concrete blocks did not allow them to enter and shut the gate and started firing tear gas at them, injuring dozens of cases with suffocation.

Consequently, this reaction from the Israeli solidarities prompted the villagers and the soldieries to replace the collection of olives with collecting tear gas that fills the fields and used by the Israeli army to suppress the demonstrators, where some unexploded bombs caused wounded children, as many of that bombs exploded in the hands of the children, and instead of returning with bags filled with the fruits of olive as their grandfathers used to do, they have returned with bags filled with tear gas bombs.

On the other hand, a German Member of Parliament his name Norman Paech from the left party has participated in this demonstration, as they have listened to the explanation from the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil'in on their experience in the past five years; and what they are facing from raids and arrests of youth.

Although, the Israeli occupation forces have released yesterday Basel Mansour, the member of the popular committee, who was arrested a week ago after paying a penalty fine of 1000 shekels.

Bilin residents and its popular committee regret the death in Japan of our friend Leo who shared our struggle and demonstrated with us many times. In the action taken today we honored him by holding his photo to keep his memory alive.

For more information, please contact:

Abdullah Abu Rahama- the popular committee against the wall coordinator\ Bil’in

0547258210 أو 0599107069

e-mail – lumalayan@yahoo. com

www.bilin-village. org