sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009

Operações (anti)terroristas na Chechênia recomeçam...

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Nem bem terminaram, como mostrado aqui, voltaram a valer as políticas e métodos do Regime Terrorista (dito antiterrorista) da Rússia na Chechênia, agora, em teoria, com atividades restritas à 3 distritos do sul da República Autônoma.

Oficialmente o regime havia sido encerrado semana passada porém foi retomado nos distritos de Shatoi, Vedeno e Shali á meia noite do dia 23 de abril depois dos russos observarem a atividade de grupos armados ilegais.

Isto significa basicamente mais carnificina, perseguição e torturas contra os Chechenos.

Earlier this week, gunmen killed three Russian soldiers in the Chechen village of Bamut, near the border with Ingushetia. Despite the formal end of the operation, several thousand Russian troops had remained in the province to counter militant activity in mountains districts.

Federal troops and police have arrested three militants and five accomplices, and found 10 terrorist hideouts, and six arms caches in southern Chechnya.

The spokesman said three powerful explosive devices, believed to be targeting Chechen government escort vehicles, had been discovered in the Vedeno district.

Por "militantes e cumplices" é possível ver inocentes, torturados e obrigados a confessar algum crime, as armas eram provavelmente rifles para a proteção pessoal e os esconderijos provavelmente casas de famílias aterrorizadas. Os métodos russos são bem conhecidos assim como os resultados das guerras na chechênia e as dezenas de denúncias de abuso dos Direitos Humanos.

Under President Ramzan Kadyrov, the republic has seen a decline in militant activity, although attacks on federal forces remain common. The 32-year-old Chechen leader has been accused by his critics of involvement in human rights abuses, a charge that he denies.

On Tuesday, Kadyrov played down reports of impending terrorist attacks, saying the security situation in the south Russian republic remained stable and under control.

Russian media hadquoted the Interior Ministry as saying militant forces were gathering strength in mountainous areas and preparing a series of terrorist attacks in the capital, Grozny.

Da República separatista vizinha do Daguestão, chega o complemento:

MAKHACHKALA, April 24 (RIA Novosti) - A militant group leader suspected of numerous attacks on law enforcement officers was shot dead by police on Friday in Russia's North Caucasus republic of Daghestan, a police spokesman said.

The spokesman told RIA Novosti that Zakir Navruzov, who was on the federal wanted list, was surrounded by police in a house in the town of Derbent, and fired shots when told to surrender. He was killed in the return fire, and none of the police officers were wounded.

The report of Nazruzov's death is the second in seven months - police claimed to have killed him last September. Nazurov was is known to have been an accomplice of the late separatist leader Ilgar Mollachiyev

Daghestan and Russia's other North Caucasus regions have been plagued by violence linked to separatists based in Chechnya.

The Kremlin's military operation formally ended in Chechnya last week, but Russia was forced to reintroduce counter-terrorism operations in three districts of southern Chechnya at midnight on April 23, due to a resurgence of armed groups.