quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

Bil'in Weekly Protest - This is Zionism!

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Raids and arrests for the second week in a row in Bil'in
Tuesday, 30 \ 6 \ 2009

The force of the Israeli occupation army raided the village at dawn today, and Bilin surrounded the house of Suleiman Seif (17 years) and then for his arrest after they searched his home and tampering with its contents, this has a military force composed of seven other troops yesterday raided the home Emad Mahmoud Yassin (16 years), Hosni Rasim al-Khatib (16 years) and the arrest after they searched the home and tampering with its contents, and will continue this campaign for the second week in a row, with last week's arrest of four boys who are: Kamel Kamal Khatib (16 years), and Khalil Ibrahim Yassin (16 years), and Mohammed Khalil Abu Rahma (23 years), and Moatassem Faisal Al-Khatib (17 years).

The result of this campaign for the continuation of the people of the village of Bil'in in their confrontations to build the apartheid wall and settlements, where the extremists, the Israeli army for many of the means to discourage citizens from further trained to resist, including the arrest, which used this method before, but could not find the benefit ,the people of Bil'in continued their action During the past five years. The Popular Committee has to continue to maintain in terms of resistance to the occupation that the arrest will not stop them from doing so.

For more information, Please call

Abdullah Abu Rahamah, the coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bilin.

0547258210 or 0599107069

e-mail – lumalayan@yahoo. com


Aproveitando o espaço,um artigo interessante do El País, via Uol Mídia Global, sobre as torturas de Israel, eufemisticamente chamadas de "maus-tratos".

Levando em conta e onde vem a notícia, do El País, não surpreende o eufemismo, visto que a Espanha é um dos Estados que mais tortura na Europa, os Bascos bem sabem disso! Mas, ainda assim, é válida a leitura da matéria.