sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2009

Isso é Sionismo - This is Zionism!

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Continuando a longa série de posts sobre os abusos do Estado Genocida de Israel, um resumo da semana, via The Angry Arab:
"A Palestinian youth suffering from a heart condition was reportedly beaten by Border Guard officers in the West Bank village of Hawara, near Nablus, Ynet learn Tuesday."
Mais sobre o assunto via Ynet:
"Residents of Nablus adjacent village say 16-year-old teen was beaten by Border Guard officers for no reason, cite repeated abuse by forces stationed in the area. Border Guard Command investigating"

Jihad Huwari, 16, told Ynet that, he and his cousin were stopped by a Border Guard patrol on Sunday. The officers allowed the cousin to go ahead, but asked Huwari to present his ID. "They took it and began to insult me and laugh and then one of them hit me with the barrel of his rifle."

The initial blow, he added, was followed by several punched, from which he nearly blacked out. "Then they threw the ID back at me and left." Huwari managed to get the jeep's license plate number.

Other local residents told of repeated abuse by Border Guard officers, "Who are making life a living hell," saying that such beatings of the village's children and teenagers is a daily occurrence.
Ou seja, os abusos e espancamento de crianças e adolescentes são diários, constantes, nas mãos dos genocidas de Israel. A diversão dos soldados é espancar diariamente civis indefesos, vítimas da ocupação, de humilhações diárias.
"A human rights group slammed Israeli treatment of Palestinian female prisoners in a UN-sponsored report released, saying pregnant women are often shackled on their way to hospitals to give birth."
Basicamente os genocidas tornam a vida das presas políticas um inferno e, não satisfeitos, atentam contra a vida de seus filhos que ainda irão nascer. Não surpreende, depois das camisas usadas pelos Israelenses após o Genocídio em Gaza:

""Shut up or I will f*** you," a Christian Peacemaker Team observer quoted an Israeli soldier yelling at the mother of a boy bound in military custody near Hebron on Monday."
Os fatos que levaram uma mãe palestina a ser ameaçada de ESTUPRO por um genocida Israelense:

"At 4:30pm on Monday 13 July two Israeli soldiers attacked a 16-year-old Palestinian boy 150 yards from his home," the CPT report said. "The attack happened as the boy was walking to his home carrying heavy electrical cables necessary for repair work on his family’s house. Two workers who were with him left to raise the alarm."

According to CPT the boy had been harassed several times by Israeli soldiers. When his mother and cousin arrived on the scene to defend the boy, soldiers threatened his mother with sexual acts. They were convinced to take the boy to his home, and were met there by a small group of settlers, who live illegally in the West Bank city.

"The soldiers cuffed the boy’s hands behind his back, blindfolded him and again forced him to sit" behind the house where settlers were glaring down from adjacent rooftops, the report said. "One or more people kicked and hit him again, but because of the blindfold he could not see whether his attackers were soldiers or settlers."

The boy's father and friends arrived at the home, having been alerted by his mother, and began filming the incident. "The officer observed that Palestinians were filming the incident and removed the blindfold and handcuffs and released the boy. He gripped the boy by the jaw and warned him, ‘If you say anything to internationals or the police, I will kill you,'" the report said.
Soldados genocidas e colonos ilegais vendando, espancando e ameaçando a família de um garoto de 16 anos. ISSO É SIONISMO!
"A senior commander who briefs his subordinates upon entering Gaza and tells them they must “bring back 2,000 terrorists,” instead of defining the rules of engagement, should not be a commander in our army. The same is true for a commander who warns that “we’re going to kick their ass, to rape them, and to screw them” or for a commander who tells his soldiers “not to be bothered by moral questions; you’ll deal with that later.”"