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Bil'in Weekly Prortest - This is Zionism [Update]

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Hundreds Protest the Wall in Bil’in’s Weekly Demonstration

Friday 31\7\2009

Several dozen demonstrators suffered tear gas inhalation during their participation at the weekly demonstration in Bil’in against the wall, where the Israeli Occupation Forces opened their guns toward the demonstrators, as the whole area was covered with the tear gas fog, which caused tens of suffocation cases.

For the fifth year, Bili’n citizens, international supporters and Israeli peace activists participated in the weekly demonstration, raised the Palestinian flag, and banners condemning confiscating the Palestinian lands, and building the wall and the settlements.

Demonstrators have walked in the village streets, chanting slogans for national unity and calling for the immediate release for all detainees. Upon the demonstrators’ arrival at the wall gate, some of them tried to open it to enter their lands behind the wall, while the Israeli soldiers also began spraying the demonstrators with a green - colored water contaminated by waste animal manure and chemicals, resulting in the vomiting by many others. Some reports mentioned that the Israeli are using the skunk smell, which is very strong and can’t be removed from clothes. This colored water is one of the newly tested weapons that the Israelis are using against the demonstrators in Bil’in. The demonstrators dressed in plastic dresses, hats, gloves, and masks in order not to be affect by the chemical water and its noxious smell that the Israeli are using now against them.,

When the demonstrators arrived at the gate, Salih Ra’fat, the leader of Fda Party, spoke about Palestinians’ need for peace and their desire for it without Israeli’s policy of settlements and the wall. And Fabio, an Italian activist present today, called for solidarity with the Palestinian people to remove the Israeli occupation from Palestinian lands. After that, Gur, from Gosh Shalom (an Israeli Peace Party), issued a speech to the soldiers across the wall, asking them to withdraw from Palestinian lands and leave it for the Palestinian farmers who are the rightful owners.

In other news, dozens of Bil’in citizens, Israeli peace activists and International supporters, gathered Wednesday, night in a demonstration against the Israeli raids, invasions and night arrests. Demonstrators walked in the village streets, close to the wall area, holding lights, and chanting slogans against the occupation and the Israeli oppressive procedures against the Palestinians.

For more information, please contact:

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