domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

Bil'in Weekly Protest - This is Zionism

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Protesters hold a big key giant affirmation of the right of return
Two citizens were injured and a journalist arrested in the weekly Bil'in demonestratin
in the 62 anniversary of the Nakba
Dozen of citizens were injured and photographer arrested and Sultan Abul-Enein and Haroon Amayreh and dozens of cases of suffocation as a result of inhalation of tear gas in the village of Bil'in, along with international and israili activists after the suppression of the Israeli occupation forces for the weekly demostation against the wall and settlements in the 62  anniversary of the Nakba.

The demonestration called by the Popular Committee against the wall in Bil'in, national and Islamic forces, and the Supreme National Committee to Commemorate the Nakba, Sultan Abul-Enein, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, Dr. Mahmoud Ramahi, a member of the Legislative Council, and companion, Omar Assaf coordinator of the Supreme National Committee to commemorate the Nakba, Hisham Abu Raya and comrade Hussein Abed, a member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Liberation Front, Dr. Shawkat Hammad, an official of the Popular Front-General Command in Palestine, and the inhabitants of the village of Bil'in together with international and Israeli activists, participate  and walked all behind key length of five meters giant books with the number (62) denote the years of the Catastrophe(NAKPA).
Sultan Abul-Enein, member of the Central Committee of Fatah, spoke about the steadfastness of the people of Bil'in against the settlements and the Apartheid Wall and said, " the international community must be aware that does not meet the wall and settlements and peace together.
Dr. Mahmoud Ramahi said :  " Bil'in proved after this long struggle it was right in this direction, at a time difference and division, this form of resistance could combines all the forces behind it. In the anniversary of 62 of the Nakba is time to the world that do justice to the Palestinian people and end the suffering.
Three men from the village embodied personal Hanadalah to key a giant length of five meters that read the number (62) denote the years of the Nakba, and an expression for upholding the right of refugees to return to home and the homes from which they were expelled in 1948, who hold the keys of their homes to prove ownership of those homes, and maintained a Palestinian identity, Palestinian constants.

The Participants in the march,hold Palestinian flags, and banners in particular the sixty-tow anniversary of the Nakba, ... we are alive and remain committed to ... and ….the rest of the dream, and also slogans condemning the policy of occupation, settlement, and another condemning the attack on the houses of Jerusalem and calls to halt its campaign of arrest and release of all detainees and lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip.
The demonstrators marched from the village chanting national calling for unity and rejection of differences, and confirmed the need for a resounding Palestinian and chanting slogans against the occupation and the wall and settlements, and describing the occupation that catastrophes is not the latest aggression against our people in Gaza, or at of the wall and settlements, the demolition of homes and the isolation of Jerusalem and judaization, and subjected to the Palestinian people to kill, capture and displacement.
The march headed towards the wall, where the military force of the Israeli occupation army is behind concrete blocks behind the wall, the Israili soliers closed gate in the barrier with barbed wire. When the protesters try to cross toward the land behind the wall owned by the people of the village, the army fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas at them . Mohamed Ahmed Hamad (18 years) Ashraf Abu Rahma (28 year injured in legs by a gas canisters, and a journalist working as a cameraman for Al Arabiya television named as Alaa Abu Al-Saud (25 year) arrested ; Sultan Abul-Enein and correspondent Palestine TV Haroon Amayreh and dozens of cases of suffocation, beside burning hapend in agricultural land planted with olives, owned by Mohammed Abu Rashid as a result of firing tear gas against the demonstrators.

On the other hand the Israeli occupation authorities released the prisoner Abdul Fattah Burnat (53), and the  journalist Haitham Al-Khatib (34) from Ofer detention center after their detention for five days during the weekly participation in the demonestration last Friday.
Also, Isreali settlers burned last Tuesday a large land of Bil'in village  which located behind the wall,  the Israeli army who came to the area did not do anything against the settlers who carried out this crime.
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D. Rateb Abu Rahma - media coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall    and settlement
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